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Ray Lang

Position Vacancy - Oceania Regional Membership Manager

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VATOCE is seeking applications for a Regional Membership Manager. This position is perhaps one of the most important as it entails daily interaction with staff and members of the entire Region on a continuing basis. This region encomp[Mod - Happy Thoughts]es the Australia Division and New Zealand Division. You must have the ability to work with little or no supervision. Qualified applicants will be thoroughly vetted to ensure we have the most qualified and dedicated staff for our members.


Responsibilities Include:


• Addressing daily referrals from the Region Director to help members and staff inquires or issues;

• Availability to respond to all emails and inquires within a period of 24 hours, daily;

• Helping new members find and sign up with their new Division;

• Helping the VATOCE Regional Staff with daily communications and sharing announcements in the forums and social media;

• [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist with monitoring and moderating the VATOCE forums and sub-forums on a daily basis;

• Meeting with Division Directors on a regular basis to address members concerns and complaints;

• Getting in touch with members who register but do not connect to the network;

• Ensure Divisions have information about new members and transfers;

• [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist the Regional Director in any capacity as required to ensure the daily operations and continuity of services to the various Divisions in the Region


Applicant Requirements:


• Must be a member of the VATSIM Oceania Region for at least the last 24 months from the date of submission of application; exceptions may be granted on a case by case basis.

• Applicants who reside in Oceania region will be given preference over applicants from other regions;

• If appointed, applicant must agree to resign from any current Division staff appointments/positions held upon appointment;

• Applicant MUST be very knowledgeable of all VATSIM policies, regulations and agreements;

• Must show awareness of Air Traffic Control operations, and hold at least a C1 rating. A knowledge of Oceanic Operations will be advantageous but not essential;

• Must show awareness of Pilot Operations, ideal canditate will hold at least a P1 rating;

• Applicant must be of good standing with no disciplinary incidents for the past year. Additionally, applicant must not have any history of DCRM referrals that were confirmed and enforced.

• Expected to be able to commit at least 8 hours per week in this role;

• Ability to communicate clearly through different mediums to different people of different cultures, backgrounds and countries;

• Fluent in spoken and written English language;


The successful candidate will have significant experience on the VATSIM network, extensive familiarity with network policies and procedures in the Oceania region and strong communications skills. while not required, previous service in staff positions will be favourably considered.


Applications with CV (including relevant history and relevant experience) as well as a cover letter addressing the above specifications to: [email protected]



APPLICATIONS CLOSE AT 06:00UTC on Saturday 25th February 2017.

Ray Lang

Deputy Regional Director - VATSIM Oceania

Vatsim Senior Supervisor

Team Lead 1

Pacific Oceanic Partnership Admin

Have a question? Email [email protected]


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