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Flatline Medevac Services - Major Update

Jordan Grenkow 1187880

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Jordan Grenkow 1187880



We at Flatline Virtual are excited to announce finally the release of the new Standard Operating Procedures. These make understanding procedures for the airline much simpler and more enjoyable for all members of the VA. New members should find learning how to fly and log flights much easier without much confusion.


In conjunction with the release of the SOP, the Call Generator has received a major update. All aircraft in the fleet have their own profiles you can select when starting a flight so you can go the 1000nm in a LJ45, followed by going no further than 450nm in the C208. You can tune the ranges for each aircraft individually as well. There are more events that occur in flight such as patient status changes and even the patient falling into cardiac arrest. Voice lines are recorded with human voice actors rather than a TTS engine. Patient gender and weight have been added for more dynamics to the flight. Organ transport callouts have been added to the IFTs. Finally, you no longer need to install the program to an exact location. It can even be run from its folder in downloads if you wish.


Special Use aircraft now have a procedure so our pilots can get up in the air with the Dash 8 and the Boeings. They are booked by the pilot through staff members and do not use the call generator.


There are also many changes to the VA with this release. The following is the list of changes:




Flatline Aeromedical Services has been changed to Flatline Medevac Services (matches the logo)


Minimum age increased to 15


Notes about setting weight in FLEET INFORMATION


Added Challenger 300 to the fleet


Added flight time minimums and adjusted ranges for Special Use Aircraft under FLEET INFORMATION


Added step by step checklist for using the Medevac Call Generator




Added flight procedures for IFT and Scene calls


Added closer destination procedures for IFT flights


Added diversion procedures for all calls


Added Winch Operation procedures


Added new Special Use Aircraft procedures (a whole new way to fly for FTL)


Changed minimum activity to 60 days


Made logging procedures more transparent and simpler


All new hires must log their first flight within 14 days from being accepted (effective for members that joined after 28-Jan-17)


Added dispatch section placeholder


Cleaned up Rules & Policies


Added amendment section to keep a log of changes


Added future changes section to track and make everyone aware of planned changes




Downloads now has its own page with easier to find links


Added form to fill out to book special use aircraft


Finished as many liveries as possible




New liveries have also been added for X-Plane aircraft. There’s also an update for the Citation II for FSX. See the downloads page for more.


Flatline Virtual is continuing to work toward a custom ACARS program for the VA. This can be expected in the future. We are also working toward vSOA eligibility so training videos and programs will be coming out soon as well.



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