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Where can i see the avtive squawk codes

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I'm new to EuroScope and controlling in general. Just starting to get familiar with the program.

I was wondering where i can see the active squawk codes. I know you can see them via the flight plan, but i'd like to be able to see them all at once (at the departure list for example)


Does anyone know if/how this is possible?



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If you press F6, you can see the selected flight's flightstrip. On the right is the squawk section. If there is a number between brackets, it shows the current squawk code the aircraft is transmitting. Above the brackets is the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned squawk code. If the aircraft is transmitting the correct code, the brackets get removed from the strip.


I also changed my departure list to include the 'squawk error indicator' and gave it a yellow-ish color, so I see immediately if the aircraft hasn't set their corresponding squawk code. In addition, I also added that error indicator to their tag as well, above everything else. I never overlook these faulty transmisions anymore.




ACCNL5 (Assistant Training Director) - Dutch VACC

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