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[BETA] A few ASDEX things

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1) When you open up a flightplan (using VP), you have to re-click in the ASDEX window to be able to type more commands

2) Would it be possible to offer a CTRL + F8 feature to hide the menu in the ASDEX window?

3) How are day/night profiles planned to be handled? Will you have "KXXX ASDEX DAY" and "KXXX ADEX NIGHT" video maps?

4) When an aircraft has no FP on file, could they potentially show up as "Unknown" (the diamond shape)?


EDIT 5) "VP #" doesn't work in the ASDEX display.

EDIT 6) Once an aircraft takes off, their icon disappears but their DB freezes, then the icon reappears. I don't know if this is intended (for the icon to disappear and reappear).

EDIT 7) Pressing TAB in the ASDEX display doesn't pull up text comms.


I understand we're still in the beginning on Beta, but what are the plans for the display (in terms of what is/is not simulated)?

Josh Glottmann
Deputy Air Traffic Manager
Oakland ARTCC
[email protected]

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