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Can't hear vPilot

Eamonn Nugent 1377826

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Eamonn Nugent 1377826

Hello, all


I've been having a fun issue. I am completely unable to hear through vPilot. I have tested the following:

  1. Switching headset settings
  2. Forwarding 3290
  3. Restarting vPilot & P3D in separate orders
  4. Messing with Windows Audio devices
  5. Turning on/off Avionics Master switch through a keybind
  6. Disabling AV


I have also checked audio levels, etc. I use the PMDG 777, mainly. This happens about 75% of the time, but it never changes in flight. If it starts working, it stays working. Occasionally, if I mess with panel states in the PMDG plane, it gets fixed (which makes me think it's a PMDG bug). I can confirm that the RX light is on, I have the VHF buttons pressed, correct frequency, and the rest. I can't come up with any way to fix it, short of reinstalling Windows, which I don't want to have to do.


I use Windows 7 x64, Prepar3D V3, vPilot, a bunch of scenery addons, and AS16. It isn't my headset, as I can hear everything else, including the in-game sound. It makes me think that there's an issue connecting to the voice servers on my end as well, however, I am unable to find vPilot's logs.




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