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Disney Air Virtual Airline is accepting pilots!

Jason Baker 1344677

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Jason Baker 1344677

Over the course of the last few weeks, Disney AIr has been working out the all of the bugs with our corporate intranet (our main website and PIREP system). After successfully teaming up with TFDiDesigns to bring a very sleek and effective ACARS system to our company, adding over 1000 routes, and over 100 aircraft from a Fokker 100 to an Airbus 380-800 and everything in between, Disney Air is ready to go!


Starting March 4th, 2017 , Disney Air will be hosting the Festival of Flight! We are calling all Pilots who are Disney Fanatics to come together and join us in the newest, most advanced, and themed virtual airline available today!


Throughout this Festival of Flight we will be holding a competition with prizes for the top three pilots in our company! The top pilot on March 31st, 2017 in each of these three categories will received the following awards:


Most legs flown:


The pilot with most legs flown will receive a $50.00 gift certificate to the SIM store of their choice and will also be awarded a very special badge!


Best Landing:


The pilot who greases the best landing will also receive a $25.00 gift certificate to the SIM store of their choice and will receive a very "slippery" badge!


Longest Flight:


For the pilot who successfully completes the three longest flights between March 4th and March 31st, there will be a $25.00 gift certificate to the SIM store of their choice accompanied by an endurance badge!


We hope that all of you Disney Fans out there that are just as crazy about Disney as we are come join the newest virtual airline - and we will see you in the Happiest Skies on Earth!



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