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Good morning, Im new to VATSIM / VATCAR and before I step into any live event or scenario would like to take the online training etc. But had a rejected Registration email from VATCAR but do have a login access. Im I doing something wrong? I was trying to enroll in The Student Rating (S1) Advancement Course Self enrolment, my guess is thats what got rejected. Any guidance would be appreciated.


Thank you

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Sorry for the late reply here, I did not see this right away. Thank you Ernesto.


The Rejection was for the Forums. We have a policy on username formats in which if we do not recognize the name, we will reject it as a spam account instead of modifying it. This is enforced to ensure you are identifiable in the event you go for FIR / Division Staff in the future but also is like wearing a nametag. Makes it easier for the Division Staff and other members.


For Moodle, this is news to me as I never seen an issue on it.


The address: moodle.vatcar.org is throwing Database errors until it redirects to the below address.

If you use: http://www.vatcar.org/training you should not have an issue and so far we have had none reported since launching the new location years ago and new update late last year.


I would advise that you join a FIR first prior to working with Moodle. If your able to get the self-enrolment working properly (haven't had a complaint yet), you are free to start working on the S1 but you will need to get a Quiz Key from a FIR Training Staff Member to complete your book work.


Feel free to send me an email if you have any questions.

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