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ACARS updates

Christopher Liu

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weblogo.gifIntercity ACARS2 update roll out, new features:

1) the home screen news feed now also displays the latest forum posts.

2) we've added a tab for viewing your logbook, so you can now check this within ACARS2 instead of having to login to the main website. Detailed flight graphs, maps and data are still only available through the website though, as it's not possible to present them nicely within ACARS2's small window.

3) your awards are now viewable in a new tab. Completed awards show in green and and include the date you earned it. The next set of awards you're working towards show a blue progress bar and completion percentage.



To find out more, please visit http://www.viaintercity.com


Intercity operate the PMDG J41, Majestic Q400, Aerosoft A319 & FSLabs A320 on over 500 routes across Europe, tracked by our custom ACARS, so it's easy to fit flying with us around your busy lifestyle. With challenging aircraft, airports and most routes under 90 minutes, Intercity is the airline for pilots who like to be kept busy throughout their flights!


Proud supporter of Intercity Airways, visit www.ViaIntercity.com

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