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Vacancy: Deputy Director Aeronautical Information

Joel Richters

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Following the resignation of Peter Story as Deputy Director Aeronautical Information, VATSIM Australia Pacific Division, applications are now sought from members of VATSIM for this position.


Deputy Director Aeronautical Information


Responsible to:


• Director Operations, VATSIM Australia Pacific Division


Direct Reports:

• [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant Deputy Director Aeronautical Information (Pacific)

• Chief Information Officer



• Facilitates and manages AIRAC update processes.

• Advises members, and briefs VATPAC Board on technical information regarding Australian and other areas airspace as managed by VATPAC.

• Is the subject matter expert on sector files for Euroscope and VRC.

• Develops relationships with community members to stay abreast of real world developments and changes.

• Manages subordinates and allocates work priorities.

• Participates in Operations Portfolio meetings with Director Operations and Deputy Director Policy.

• Liases with Events Portfolio staff for the provision of specialised sector files if needed.

• In the absence of the Director Operations, will draft and release NOTAMs to members of VATPAC as needed.

• Maintains the good running and morale of the network in VATPAC and encourages an open and inclusive culture.

• Maintains an minimum online presence of 2 hours per month on the VATSIM network as VATPAC22.


Selection Criteria:

• Have the knowledge and skills to code sector files for Euroscope and VRC, or demonstrate the ability to acquire this knowledge quickly.

• Be fluent in English both written and verbal and have good communication skills.

• Have experience managing goal orientated people, particularly in a voluntary organisation.

• Demonstrate resilience and dedication to achieve set tasks, with time management skills.


Mandatory or Recommended Attributes:

• Be a member of VATSIM for a period of at least 12 months, with at least the last 12 months of this in good standing on the network.

• Must have good working knowledge of Visual Basic and ATC Clients like Euroscope and VRC.

• While not mandatory, a S3 ATC rating or above will be highly regarded.



Members interested in being considered for the role should send your CV (resume) and a cover letter, maximum of 2 pages, addressing the selection criteria listed above via email to [email protected]


APPLICATIONS IN STRICTEST CONFIDENCE CLOSE AT 13:59 hours UTC on Thursday 20th April 2017.

Joel Richters



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