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Surf the skies with Flex Virtual !

Anthony  Edwards 1337944

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Hello all forum users !

A few months ago I posted in the forum somewhere that I was going to develop another VA, I also stated I would not give out any information about the VA until we were close to launch.

Well, the time has come for me to tell you that Flex Virtual Airlines will be launching this Saturday. Me and another staff member are currently organizing an event with Atlanta TRACON on the Vatsim ATC Network in regards to the launch. So about the VA... Flex Virtual Airlines is a community oriented airline based in the United States. Our hubs include Atlanta, New York JFK, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, and Vancouver. Flex is a fictional airline with a twist of realism, that being said, we are a fictional airline but the airline is operated as close to real as we can get. We have a state of the art crew center that is compatible with desktop computers, and Apple and Android mobile devices. We also use SmartCars 2 but will soon be aquiring a custom state of the art ACARS system. These are just a few key things I wanted to pitch out to the flight sim community. There are many more things for you to discover at Flex Virtual. We have a friendly, dedicated, and amazing staff team that works around the clock to ensure your experience at Flex Virtual Airlines is an airline like no other.

So go to http://www.flyflexvirtual.net and sign up to surf the skies with us today !

If you have any questions or comments E-mail [email protected] or [email protected]






Anthony Edwards

CEO, Flex Virtual Airlines


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