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Creating regions for ASDE-X

Donovan Patrick 1327883

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I have had no luck whatsoever using AutoCAD to draw regions. When I try to convert from a drawing to a sector file, none of the coordinates match up. It seems like the only way to go is using Google Earth Pro polygons for your regions, and even after saving as a KML file and converting with KML2SCT.exe, there is a LOT of hand-formatting of the regions area within the .sct2 file. I'm seriously thinking about making a YouTube video on drawing an airport in Google Earth, inserting regions, inserting static text, etc. The sector file we use in ZAU (now undergoing heavy updates and starting from scratch) has KORD always turned on, but the other airports can be turned on and off as a subsection in the [sTARS] side of our diagrams. The other airports never contained (past tense) solid-fill [REGION] data. In the new file, they do. I need Ross's help on how to have "sub-regions" in those smaller airports, so that the regions do not stay illuminated 100% of the time, even if the path/line data is turned off. At present, my best advice is stay away from AutoCAD for sector files - Unless of course you can point me in the direction of how to do it in a manner that will not make O'Hare end up in Africa with the incorrect coordinates AutoCAD kicks out.


Adam Russell


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Any updates on this? The only thing I've found is this:



So what I've done:

  • Taken a PDF off SIA for LFPG
  • Converted it to DXF
  • Removed every sort of items that are not needed, text etc...
  • Put colors and grouped them in AutoCad
  • Once converted using the VATSIM Germany tools it shows up not in the correct GEO Location and looks 100x bigger then the actual Earth!



So what I need to do is how to properly scale it to the actual location so it fits. I would like to make great looking ground layouts with alot of detail however the scaling part is the hardest to do.

Division Director, VATSIM Middle East & North Africa  
VATSIM Network Senior Supervisor, Team 5
##  [email protected] 


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