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I dont know if this has been suggested before, and i know that vatsim is run by volunteers so this may be hard to do, but i was thinking VATSIM could do some sort of event recognition, so when a pilot does an event, for example a fly-in or real-ops event etc. the pilot would get some recognition, for example some rating, or a p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]port kinda thing on their profile which other members can see and compare to see what events everyone has done. Let me know on your opinions

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My first thought is that volume would be a problem. There are several events every day worldwide on the network. Giving each pilot who participated a badge of some sort for doing so would prove difficult. I think earning your pilot ratings is a much more valuable and honorable achievement. Anyone can fly into an event! The question is, did you fly into said event with no issues? Did you use proper phraseology? Did you follow ATC instructions? Could you execute the [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned [sID, STAR, IAP] correctly?


I think the idea of comparing which events different pilots participate in is an interesting one. However, if it were to ever happen, I think the idea should be more focused on a log or p[Mod - Happy Thoughts]port, not so much as a reward, achievement, or rating.


Additionally, this would probably be a project for a third-party developer such as Vataware or one of the other logging websites. All you'd really have to do is have it so that every pilot who flew into or out of the featured event airport(s) between xxxxZ and xxxxZ, receives an event badge or tally (or whatever) on their profile.

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This would be a brilliant idea and maybe not hard to do.


It could be setup with a Award type system like Steam has. All that would need to happen is information like flight hours, airports taken off and landed at, Aircraft types and what ever other categories you want compiled through Vatsim and then inputted into the website.


Award Types....

FLIGHT HOURS (in increments of say 25hrs)

AIRCRAFT TYPES (could have one for manufacturers or even just a total of different aircraft used on Vatsim)

LONGEST FLIGHT AWaRDS (Long Haul Flights, Individual awards for certain long haul routes.)

AIRPORTS (Number of Airports the user has taken off and landed at. Could split it up to Take Offs and Landings)


These are just some ideas that could be used

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And which one of the volunteers that run Vatsim for us free will be doing this.


If you want rewards systems etc why not join one of the many VAs out there? There are many that do just that.


I have to kind of agree with Roger on this one. While I'm sure there is some degree of automation that can take care of this, I am more inclined to as "why"?


I am of the opinion that you participate in this hobby because it is something you want to do either because you simply enjoy it, want to learn more, or are sharpening skills and staying proficient. While I have a cursory understanding for the P ratings, as it is a learning tool, I don't really see a need for a merit/trophy system for individual accomplishments. I have to agree with Roger, in that if you are looking for ranks, merits, and trophy's, join a VA.



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