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[Beta] LEFT/RIGHT List feature Request

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With the addition of ASDE-X to vSTARS, more and more tower controllers are beginning to use vSTARS as a tower display, as most major ATCTs do real world.


I can confirm this exists at SFO, so definitely more facilities have it, but there is a "LEFT" list for aircraft on the left parallel runway and a "RIGHT" list for aircraft on the right side. This is initiated by the scratchpad that an aircraft has (I believe so, maybe someone can correct me?) so "30L" or "VL3" would put an aircraft on the "LEFT" list and so forth.


I think this would be a great feature to have to help tower controllers that use vSTARS as a radar client during events especially, but it'd also help overall with coordination and organization.


EDIT: For clarification, I understand most facilities don't have a LEFT/RIGHT, but maybe it be an option in the facility configuration file for those that do?


For reference, here is a picture of that in use at SFO (The lists at the bottom): 46ba802dc55691eed076cce36a72941f.png






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That could either be the auto runway [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ignment into a region, or a tower list based on scratchpad function like you said. For the time being if you really wanted it to display left and right, then you can add "LEFT" or "RIGHT" in the airport data inside the vSTARSconfig.xml and would have to physically change the destination in the flightplan to LEFT or RIGHT which is a pain.


Since it's hard coded that the 4 letter ICAO code gets chopped to 3, I purposely did a 5 character just for aesthetics. If you want it to be functional it would look like EFT TOWER or IGHT TOWER

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