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FSInn feature missing

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Hi Ross,


sure - I am VERY in love with vPilot. Its a really simple pilot client with everything what you need. Thanks for this!

But could you check if its possible to included a feature which was one of my favorite: To select for a online pilot a model on my choice!


Its actually with v4 of P3D really annoing to have such a lot of Regional Jets flying around or to see a friend flying next to me with a AI model except with a PMDG model.


I have no idea if its possible - requested by a lot but its my thought.




Regards Timm Rehberg

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/V1Simulations/

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just be warned, minute you start adding payware addons to your model matching, your sim will start to suffer for it. high poli counts are what often drags your sim down the drain. its one thing to run the addon while you are flying, its a whole different thing when you start seeing a lot of them around you. it starts to add up quick. there is a reason why most AI models are very frame rate friendly, they keep those poli counts low

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