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Deon Mathews appointed Marketing and Communications Manager

Gunnar Lindahl

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I'm delighted to announce that Deon Mathews has been appointed Marketing and Communications Manager for VATSIM.


Deon has been working tirelessly behind the scenes for well over a year in managing the marketing of hundreds of VATSIM events all over the world. He will now continue in this vein but in a formal capacity.


This new role will have guardianship of the 'business as usual' communications of VATSIM through our social media channels, with a particular focus on events. A quick reminder that it is possible for us to market your VATSIM event globally with very little effort on your part, simply follow the simple instructions here.


Deon will also be reaching out and supporting division event staff in exploring new ways of marketing their events, and how social media can play a part in this.


He can be reached at d.mathews [AT] vatsim.net.


Welcome aboard!


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