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[Resolved] No messages showing in P3D v4

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Can you describe what you mean by "uniform messages"? On the surface, if you're not getting messages displayed in the sim, it sounds like a setting issue in the sim. I don't have P3D, but IIRC it's something like Settings > General > Show messages Take a peek to make sure that is selected (I don't have FSX up right now so am not 100% sure).


If that's not it, check FSUIPC to make sure you don't have it suppressed there. I never did, but I think I remember reading somewhere that FSUIPC could suppress the text, but don't recall if that was for FS9, FSX or ....


Sorry, as I get older my memory gets worse, and I'm not in front of my sim... Hopefully this at least gets you in the neighborhood.

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Membership

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