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Euroscope on macOS (Macbook)

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I`ve seen some peoples have Euroscope on their Mac, even though Euroscope is not developed for this OS. And because I was smart enough to buy a Macbook Pro, I want to get Euroscope on MacBook, if there is a possibility for that.


So my question is, how do I install on a Macbook and is there somewhere a detailed guide, showing how to do this.

I have also heard there have been some issues, which is about the voice. Is this right?

Krister Larsen
[email protected]
Assistant Event Coordinator | ACCSCA16 | [email protected]
VATSIM Scandinavia


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As with any UNIX-based OS, you'll need to run EuroScope from an emulator/"compatibility layer" (to be technically correct regarding Wine). The best, and the most commonly used is Wine. I've heard about a few issues regarding dragging the display about, but I've never heard of other issues.


I personally run EuroScope from my debian-based laptop when I'm needing a second display or when I'm away from my PC. I've never had any issues, yet!


Here's a simple guide on setting up Wine on a macOS based machine.

Kind Regards,

Kieran Cross,



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Wineskin does the job just fine.

No problems at all on my hackintosh running latest macOS Sierra 10.12.5

However there is a small issue with scrolling, you just have to scroll carefully because you will end up with radar screen zoomed out max or zoomed in max.

Here for proof Italy Radar: http://imgur.com/a/eTU8U

Kindly, Hubert Szymon Okon 
Senior Controller, C3 | 1334292 


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