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Generic thread: if you offer CPDLC/PDC, announce it here

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Hi all,


this thread is intended for pilots who are interested in installing, testing and using any of the current CPDLC Clients that communicate through Hoppie's network. No idea what this is? CPDLC is Controller Pilot Data Link Communication and "Hoppie" and others offer software for free. We have created a CPDLC Quick Starter Manual that will take you through the download, installation and use step by step. If you need help, please report back in the thread where the Quick Starter Manual is offered.


Some ATCOs do offer this service and we will try to announce our service here. For this, a standard format shall be used:


Code of ATC-station | date | time bracket in ZULU | type of service (CPDLC, PDC or both combined, please specify the airfield where you do offer PDC)



EDGG_E_CTR | 22 JUN 2017 | 1800-2000z | CPDLC

EDGG_CTR | 23 JUN 2017 | 1400-1700z | CPDLC + [email protected]

EDDF_DEL | 22 JUN 2017 | 1800-2000z | PDC (here it is not necessary to specify the airfield, since DEL-stations are specific enough


Please make use of it to help pilots use this nice service.

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