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Announcement of Restructure and Appointments

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Good afternoon/morning everyone,


You would have heard of the changes that are happening across our region. These include a re-structure to better support and engage you our members. While this is only the early stages, and consultation with the divisions is ongoing, we are ready to make some announcements which effect the regional team.


Below is the new structure of the region at this point in our journey.




Along with the above structure, I am please to be able to make the following announcements:


  • The person heading up the Information Division is Paul Tyquin who has been appointed as the Chief Information Officer (CIO). The CIO will become a member of the Senior Leadership Team and will lead the regions web technology. Another area of responsibility will be engaging new members from outside the network and encouraging members who have never signed in to login and participate. This will be achieved while contributing to and implementing the regions strategic direction.


  • The second person appointed today is Daniel Martin who is appointed as Director Pilot Training who is the lead in the Pilot Training Group. This group is now in early days, however we are delighted to say great progress has been made on establishing the regions Authorised Training Organisation and will firstly develop the P1 course and then seek certification. Daniel will be able to announce more about this in the future.


To both of you I would like to thank you for your contributions and for your future leadership.

Joel Richters



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