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Virtual Airline Operations System 1.1 Update

Taylor Broad

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Hey All,


Haven't posted here before regarding my VA system, however should probably do so if people read these.


VAOS is a new project developed by me over the span of 2 years which finally had it's 1.0 release 2 weeks ago. As development ramps up on a new production ready VA system, I am pushing out the 1.1 update of the system here fairly soon. For details on this, here's the link to the Facebook Note.



If you want to download the project and give it a shot at the future of VA systems, head on over to https://github.com/FSVAOS/VAOS/releases and download the latest release and follow the directions on the Wiki. If you need any help, head over to http://fsvaos.net and click on the support tab to the Discord server.

Taylor Broad
Senior Developer - Virtual Airlines
VATSIM Virtual Airlines Dept.


## [email protected]
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