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VATSTAR welcomes Andrew Ogden to the Instructor position!

Robert Shearman Jr

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Greetings all -- I am pleased to announce the addition of Andrew Ogden to the VATSTAR Instructor staff. I personally reached out to Andrew on the VATSIM forums after seeing him chime in on several different discussion threads offering help to new VATSIM members. I recall thinking that his desire to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist new pilots learn the ropes of the network exhibited exactly the kind of attitude I was looking for on our staff. He eagerly accepted the position and has just been cleared to start taking P1 and P2 students. Andrew lives in Australia and is a C1-rated VATSIM Controller (with Pacific Oceanic endorsement) at VATNZ. He holds the P1 and P2 Pilot Ratings, and is looking to gain his P3 in the near future. Additionally, he is one of the developers of Accomeap, a next-generation VATSIM network activity monitoring tool with enhanced ATC sector views and other features. On top of his VATSIM experience and certifications, he also holds a real-world PPL. Welcome, Andrew!



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