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XSquawkBox 1.3.3 - red text hard to read

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I am a newbie to VATSIM and I'm just trying to get things setup. Is there any possible way to change the red text in the connection/dialog window? I find it very difficult to read. Please keep in mind that my setup consists of three 1920x1080 screens. I can read all other text within XP-11 perfectly fine. (i.e. the Plugin Mgr etc) It just seems that the red text can be challenging to read. Is it possible to modify a file and make a color change? Thank you in advance for any help. Mike

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Perhaps reading through forum posts in the actual XSB support forum would help. Multiple users have noted how it is difficult to read the text, to which the developer responded:

No. I'll have to dig around a bit to work out where the colours come from but I'm pretty sure they're hardcoded in XSB itself - I can probably add twiddles to the config for the next release, and sort out UI later. I have added a todo item to that effect.

PSA: Feature Requests. tl;dr post in the proper forum, do not contact the developer directly.

Josh Glottmann
Deputy Air Traffic Manager
Oakland ARTCC
[email protected]

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