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AutoCAD GroundLayouts, Alignment problem

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Good evening,


I'm starting to make advanced ground layouts using AutoCad using VATSIM Germany's converters however I cannot get the layout to align properly with the AFCAD and it looks messed up on EuroScope.


What I've Done:


Got a Chart off the eAIP for OTHH

Converted PDF to DXF

Opened in AutoCad

Put Everything in Layers



Then the rest I don't know how to do and what i need to do I'm trying to follow the tutorial from http://www1.metacraft.com/VRC/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1613&highlight=cad but its outdated and I cannot really understand the alignment part. If someone could help me that would be great!

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imported PDFs (and imported vector graphics in general) does not become "native autocad" by itself. All what import of PDF does is enables you to relate your further objects to it. So you should probably draw a new map by yourself (using autocad drawing tools) above that imported PDF and erase that PDF when you are done drawing. I have not tested this for ESE/SCT development, but came to this import problem when working on other tasks in autocad so I expect that the autocad to SCT converter might be able to work only with Autocad native graphics.


Best regards,

Pavel Brodsky

Pavel Brodsky


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You can convert a PDF to dwg by using Adobe Illustrator, once converted you will have to scale all the elements to real size. If you know the length and width of a rwy for example, you should be able to scale up the dwg but it is better if you have real life dimensions of other items on the chart as well for cross checking purposes.

Joaquin Blanco



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