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Airliner suitable for VATSIM in XP11

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For those of you flying airliners in VATSIM using XP11 and XSB, which jet are you using and how reliable is the FMC? I've been using the zibo mod some, and as good as it is, it's just not there yet in terms of reliability and having all the features of the FMC/MCP working. What are others using and how reliable and fully functional has your experience been?

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Have always used freeware airliners and X-Plane's default FMC. It had its problems (no airways, no terminal procedures, some missing fixes) but I could always fall back on VOR radials and direct to lat/lon fixes. I believe it's improved in X-Plane 11 but I haven't flown in a while so I don't know the details. Not much good if you care about As Real As It Gets, but it's Real Enough For Me.

swift - Developer
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Zibo is good, but make sure to update regularly. New releases and bugfixes nearly every day...

The ixeg 737-300 is very good, probably my favourite bird in X-Plane.

The Flight Factor 767 is extremely thorough, on a level if not better with the LevelD 767 for FSX.

JarDesigns A330 is also pretty good, though not as in depth.


I'm hearing very good things about the RotateSim MD80, but haven't used it so can't say anything about it except the pictures look great.

Ditto the Flight Factor 757 and JarDesigns A320.


Stay away from the Flight Factor 777, it needs major work before it has realistic performance.

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There are quite a few. The zibo 737 is completely free, and perfectly flyable. The FF A320 when it comes out will be one of the best addons of any sim I am sure. The Flight Factor 757 and 767 are okay, but nothing special. Chock full of little issues that once combined really hurt the immersion. The IXEG 737 is one of my favorite for any sim, but the real 737 cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts]ic is not used much anymore, so good luck finding routes. My favorites have to be the Rotate MD88, Flyjsim 727, and 732. But again, good luck finding real world routes for those, since I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume that's what most people like. I would recommend not touching the FF 777, or anything from JD with a ten foot pole.

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The new ToLiss A319 is worth a look - there are one or two gremlins but generally the FMC works very well and there is some serious depth to how the systems are simulated. They have already released a bug fix update so that's a positive sign.


However, the main thing is that the A319 flies brilliantly - it has very good frame rates, the autopilot "just works" and it's an absolute joy to hand fly, so I'd say perfect for a Sunday afternoon on VATSIM. The engine sound effects are a bit weak but I tend to turn sound down when there's ATC online anyway.


If the FF A320 didn't exist then everybody would be falling over themselves to buy this plane...

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I haven't had much time to sim-fly, so I'm not sure what what the new kids fly


My personal choices (mostly from the XP10 era, but should be nice on 11 if they work properly there) are:

  • FlightFactor 757
  • Rotate MD80
  • IXEG 733
  • FJS 732
  • LES Saab 340


All of the above I found run pretty well and are fun to fly depending on your level of masochism. (I particularly enjoy hand-flying procedures occasionally, so I do find the FlyJSim 737-200 a lot of fun)


On my avoid list:

  • SSG 748 (decent performance, but FMS bugs, some details felt a bit off - flyable at least)
  • JAR A330 (poor performance, considerable FMS bugs - can't even get it to accept normal routes for flights within Australia)


On my neutral list:

  • FF A350 - not terrible, but could do with some more love around the FMS - flies nicely at least.
  • FJS 722 - it's nice, I just never found the time for it otherwise it'd probably be on my good list.
  • PMDG DC6 - I wish this was better supported than it is - no official XP11 support and no visible intent to support XP11 makes me a little grumpy about it.

XSquawkBox - Developer/Maintainer


Please post any support related questions to the XSquawkBox support forum rather than private messaging me, thanks.

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