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vPilot Transmission Drops

Fred Kurasiewicz

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I have had this issue on-and-off for some time now.....


I am connected and all is working fine, then after a period of time (1-15 minutes or so) I suddenly lose incoming voice transmission. In those cases simply pressing PTT reestablishes incoming transmissions immediately. Sometimes there is no issue whatsoever.


It appears that this is a router timeout issue of some kind.


I am using a networked arrangement....I have "Remote w/Voice" set up on the remote computer and "Host without Voice " on the host computer.


I have port 8809 opened in the firewall on both computers, port 3290 port forwarded on the remote computer (with voice), and exclusions set for Vpilot on both computers.


I have replaced my router and switches.....no difference.


Searching the forum here I see that others have had this problem but there is no clear resolution.


So I have a question and a suggestion......


Question: To be certain, in my arrangement should the 3290 port be forwarded on the Host or on the Remote computer with Voice? I have tried it both ways but I just want to be certain when I am troubleshooting things.


Suggestion: This appears to be a timeout issue. Why not introduce an automatic outgoing ping every few minutes or so to keep the port open? This is essentially what I do manually right now every 5 minutes or so by pressing PTT. Right now I am thinking of writing a small SIOC script that will do this.


Any other ideas would be welcome.



Fred K

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Even though you have opened the ports in your router, your provider can still have some settings, that gives you the issue. It has been reported before, that some internet service providers, blocks these ports so that even port forwarding in your router doens't help. You can give it a try, and contact your provider to find out, if this is actually the case.

Morten Jelle

VATSIM Network Supervisor, Team Lead - Supervisor Team 1


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