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RAAFvirtual - Direct Entry

James Larkin 974215

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RAAFvirtual is pleased to announce that for a short period, we will be accepting applications for direct entry on to airframes of choice. This has come about as RAAFv continues to increase its member base and to ensure we are achieving our goals that have been set out by the Senior Leadership Team.


What does this mean for you?


If selected, you will be provided training on the aircraft that you have chosen through the application system and following completion of said training will then become an operational member who will be eligible to participate in operations and exercises.


How do I apply?


Head over to www.raafvirtual.org and navigate your way to the JOIN US page. From there, complete the predetermined form but in the “WHY WOULD YOU LIKE TO JOIN”, once filling in why, please also add in that you would like to apply for the Direct Entry Scheme and the preferred airframe to which you want to be trained on.


What’s the catch?


There isn’t any, however RAAFvirtual holds the right to selection and will accept those that meet the pre-existing criteria.




If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact James Larkin at [email protected] who will provide the relevant answer that you seek.

James Larkin

vAir Marshal

Chief of Air Force


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