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Navigraph, FSX and xplane 11

Jan Naslund

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I used to fly FSX for years but i recently changed to xplane 11. I am both impressed and not. Graphics is stunning but implemented functionality on aircraft is not that great.


I now want to get some better aircraft than the xplane 11 default aircraft and i have my eyes on he JARdesign 330.


I have one problem though. I make almost all my flights on Vatsim and i want to be able to follow all procedures properly. That requires that i have updated Navigraph navigation data.


I am a bit confused about something. In FSX when i configured navigraph, i had to select a specific manufacurer (PMDG for example) and then download that specific navigation database.


When i browse around for xplane 11 aircraft on the store i never see any mention of Navigraph support for each aircraft.


In Navigraph i can select to download an xplane 11 database and i am starting to think that it works so that i use Navigraph to download and install the xplane 11 navigation database and any extra aircraft that i add to xplane 11 can use this database.


I.e. All aircraft in xplane 11 are able to use the xplane 11 database.


Is this a correct [Mod - Happy Thoughts]umption?


Best Regards / Jan

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I don't believe so: I have the Flightfactor 777 and the JarDesign A320 and I used Navigraph's downloader to locate those add-ins to install their specific updates. So every AIRAC cycle there's more than one update made. You buy AIRAC cycles, so if Navigraph cover the add-in, you get its update.


With time, I don't know whether add-ins will migrate to use the X-Plane database.




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