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xplane11/Xsquawkbox CSL files

Jan Naslund

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Jan Naslund



When i fly i see the other aircraft most of the time as either Boeing 737's or A320's even though when i check the aircraft type on VatSpy it a completely different aircraft.


I have never botherd much about this before but now i am interestedd in getting this to work. I understand that i can add CSL files to my Xsquawkbox so that they show up correctly.


I found a lot of CSL's here:



Not sure what kits refer to but it's not important. My issue is that it seems to be 178 CSL's available but i can't find a CSL that includes a lot of CSL's so i don't hzve to install all 178 one by one.


2 questions:

Does anyone know if there is a CSL pack for the most common aircraft?

Does the CSL's work on any version of xplane/Xsquawkbox?


Best Rgs / Jan

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