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Aircraft appearance!

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Was wondering if someone could help me, I’m new to online.


When I’m connected online everyone else’s aircraft are appearing blotchy well take a look https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/


No settings or anything was changed


Well, there's your problem, in part.


The defaults were intended to work in the vast majority of cases some 6+ years ago, not look good. Also, you're probably running an obsolete version of XSB against a new X-Plane, or have visual effect plugin running that's seriously interfering with CSL rendering given that the labels are rendering as solid blocks (that bug was fixed long ago).


Make sure that if you're using X-Plane 10 or 11, you're running XSquawkBox 1.3.3, and if you have a video card with a lot of VRAM (ie: any modern board), you turn up the maximum texture resolution setting in the XSquawkbox settings. (Note that that setting only changes legacy CSL aircraft, and does nothing to the new OBJ8 format stuff, but from your screenshots, you've only got the shipping legacy CSL aircraft installed anyway).


Resist the temptation to play with the default ICAO type in the settings - far too many people change it without realising what it actually does resulting in XSB crashing.


Finally, consider grabbing the Bluebell OBJ8 CSLs (or any other OBJ8 CSL packs you can find).

XSquawkBox - Developer/Maintainer


Please post any support related questions to the XSquawkBox support forum rather than private messaging me, thanks.

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