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Aircraft hovering above me.. can't seem to find answer?

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Okay so I've done a lot of googling lately, and I can't seem to find the right answer. Here is what I'm currently running:


P3d v4

Active Sky 2016 + cloud art

PMDG 737

ORBX Global, Vector, and North America




When I used to be on FSX, I never saw aircraft that hovered. I believe it has something to do with UTX and terrain levels (from google searching) but not 100% sure. Now it seems like every single aircraft is much much higher then me. They are floating in the air. I thought it was a once occurrence, but during Friday's FNO, almost every aircraft was higher then me..


any suggestions? Should I go into the orbx settings and disable AEC for all airports? Note that during the FNO I went from KSTL to CLE (both of which are default airports.. no add-on airports for them currently.). At both airports I the majority (like over 90%) were hovering..

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