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Is this a plugin for EUROSCOPE?

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I just had a closer look into the video and the plugin used is from VATSIM-UK (Virtual controller [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant (VCA). It has some features, to be used in the UK. It can be used anywhere else, with it's limitations of course.

You can download the files from www.vatsim.uk, and check it out.

Morten Jelle

VATSIM Network Senior Supervisor
VATSIM Membership Manager, Asia/Pacific Region


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Hey man!


You found my video. I will give you exactly what I used for that exact radar screen.

The aircraft history trails or the "fancy orange trails" is done by the Virtual Controller [Mod - Happy Thoughts]istant plugin or known as "VCA" this can be downloaded from your corresponding Euroscope version here: http://www.craig-phillips.co.uk/


For the Symbology please do note I use this for personal use only. The general symbology is the VATUK London Control Symbology settings.


Sorry for reviving an old thread.

Division Director (Acting)
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##  www.vatsim.me
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