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Prepar3D v4 airports

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hello, I'm thinking of getting Prepar3D v4, but i want to know if airports have realistic layouts or is it like x-plane





Define "realistic". This is a rather vague question here.


I say that, because I have P3D V4, and it looks great to me. However, I have a very small set of payware sceneries (mainly P3D for KLAS, KLAX, KDFW), and am waiting for a decent KPDX scenery.. otherwise everything else I have is freeware, and looks great. But as I don't have X-Plane, I'm not a good indicator of what you'd call "realistic". In short, that's in the eye of the beholder.


Outside of that, it looks great to me, plus with it being 64bit, will be around for a long time to come.



Brad Littlejohn

ZLA Senior Controller


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