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Computer problems during ATC: correct procedure

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During a flight tonight my flight controls went completely crazy in what I believe was a software issue. I was going off course and causing a headache for the controllers so, rather than spoil it for other pilots, I disconnected. Afterwards I wondered whether I should have explained the situation before going off line, as I did not want to appear rude, but this might not have been well received ... could someone please clarify how I should proceed in future. I am new to this. Thank you.


Kind regards,


Grant Bailey


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Hi Grant,


It's not a big deal that you didn't tell the controller before disconnecting, but if you can do so, then it's a good idea, so that the controller won't wonder where you went or worry about you popping back up on his scope without warning.


If the controller isn't too busy, just send a quick voice transmission saying "I'm having PC problems, disconnecting". If the controller is very busy, say the same thing via text, then disconnect.


Anyway, it's no big deal if you just disconnect without saying anything. That's certainly better than remaining online and causing chaos. But if you have the opportunity, it's good to inform the controller before disconnecting.

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Grant, for your info Australia/Oceania has it's own forums that are very well supported at the VATPAC website. Also there is training docs and a list of online events.


I'd recommend you check it out.

You'll get a response much faster there, plus we have a lot of RL controllers who have nothing better to do then pretend to control when they get home from work.

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Grant, you did post in the correct forum, sort of.


The VATSIM Global forums have sections set aside for the different devisions.

Oceania is the VATPAC devision. And members of VATPAC (like myself) aswell as staff do read this forum, however a lot of devisions have a local forum with more subsections. And you'll find the local forums tend to get read more often and so you may get several answers within a few hours.

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