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EuroScope WEB site and FSD server for simulator

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First of all, sorry for not reading the forums often enough. Next year I will try doing it better ...


Last weeks I am fighting with my ISP about EuroScope site. At the moment it seems that all static content is available, but no PHP and no database access is available. I hope they will fix it ASAP.

Meanwhile the license file download for FSD server does not work. I created a static license file that should work with the current problems. To use it do the following steps:

  • Download the new license file from

  • Rename the downloaded file from PublicVatsimLicence.lic.txt to PublicVatsimLicence.lic

  • Enter "license" as the scenario file name then press "Browse". It allows you to select the license file.

  • Quit and restart the FSD server. Now it should download the new extended license file.


It should work.


Happy New Year!


EuroScope developer

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