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[VOHK] New Year Message, 1 January 2018 – Happy New Year

lau chi ho 1107866

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lau chi ho 1107866

Dear members,


Thank you for your continuous support to Oasis Hong Kong Virtual.


On behalf of the Oasis Hong Kong Virtual Administrator Group, I wish you all have a Happy New Year.




The New Year is coming. Many of us is celebrating with our families and loved one.


10 years ago, Oasis Hong Kong Airlines was liquidated on 8 April 2008. The last flight was flight O8 901, departed from Vancouver at 1015 and arrived Hong Kong at 1509. We all remember this history and the story of the Oasis. Therefore, the spirit of the Oasis Hong Kong Virtual, a Hong Kong-based Virtual Airlines founded by Hong Kong flight-simmers in 2011, is the pursuit of excellence and operates on principles of human rather than autocracy. All races religions and creeds, members and staff are to be treated with care and respect.


The Oasis story is the story of ordinary members doing extra-ordinary things together.


On 20 May 2017, the VOHK held the most successful event in this year – Counter Tailstrike 2017. According to the statistics provided by the official, during the event, Hong Kong (VHHH) handled a total 58 flights, which included 16 OHK scheduled arrivals from London Gatwick (EGKK), Vancouver (CYVR), Bangkok (VTBS), Taipei (RCTP) and Haikou (ZJHK). Also, Two Indonesia Virtual Airlines supported this event. VOHK Administrator Group would like to express our gratitude again to those who participated in this event.


Group flights always encourage our members to fly VOHK frequently. 8 Oasis flights participated the ‘Sunday Flying’ group flight to Hong Kong (VHHH) on 9 April, pilots departed from Taipei (RCTP) or Guangzhou (ZGGG) respectively. Also, our pilots are always enjoyed to fly with typhoon weather, experiencing the rare wind power. Especially, on 23 August, 10 Oasis aircraft venture the adventure, flying into the Typhoon Hato, landing on the runway in the Hurricane Signal, No. 10, which is the highest level of tropical cyclone warning signals in Hong Kong.


2017 was a remarkable year. Two airline jet add-ons were released, the PMDG 747v3 in January and the QualityWing Ultimate 787 Collection in October respectively. Our pilots may take these opportunity to discover the new world by flying with those new airline jets. Besides, the VOHK Training Team composed the PMDG 747-400 FMC Tutorial (Traditional Chinese) version 1.2 to [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ist our pilots to flying with.


May I take this opportunity to thank those members and staff who contribute their efforts on Oasis Hong Kong Virtual.


The Administrator and Staff Group will continue to serve our pilots sincerely and faithfully.


With the Spirit of Oasis that I have mentioned previously, we will make Oasis a better and happier Virtual Airlines for ourselves and for our next generation.


Happy New Year!


Best Regards,

Bill Lau

Chief Executive Officer of Oasis Hong Kong Virtual

Administrator (Pilot Operation) of Oasis Hong Kong Virtual

Oasis Hong Kong Virtual - A Hong Kong-based Virtual Airlines



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