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NYATCC Inactive?

Gabriel Flad 1413997

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To answer the only question you asked: Yes, someone can tell you what's going on.


As an aside, the ZNY ARTCC is quite active.


Did you consider actually sending an email to the staff first, before posting on here for tens of thousands of members to see, all except two or three that can't help you? (Hint... ) I'd think sending an email to the ATM and/or DATM would yield you much better results.


As an alliteration, if I order something online from Amazon and they tell me to expect it to arrive in 48 hours, what do you think the better option would be to get what you are looking for?


Option 1: Expect something to come, don't receive what you expected, and post something to Facebook saying that your item didn't come when expected.

Option 2: Contact Amazon, let them know when you ordered and when you were told to expect something, and ask them if they could help you understand when you might receive it.


It looks like you chose Option 1; I would choose Option 2.


In the future, I suggest sending communication directly to the source that you are expecting something from; they are best suited to help you. Whining on forums where no one (save 2 or 3 people) can help you directly is rather pointless.


Finally, especially in a volunteer environment, "Expect" is just that. Most everybody tries to meet AND BEAT their published "expect" guidance, but sometimes life does get in the way. The good news is for us it does comes with a money-back guarantee; if you contact the ZNY staff and they agree that you didn't get your expected information within 48 hours, a refund of everything you paid to join ZNY will be promptly issued, and refunded to your credit card within 7-10 business days.

Don Desfosse
Vice President, Operations

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To echo what Don said, VATSIM isn't anyone's job. We all do what we do and contribute to this shared community because we like to and want to. Sometimes other commitments to family or work or school come up and VATSIM gets pushed to the background.


ZNY is quite active and both the ATM and DATM are great people but also busy people. Sometimes things just take a bit longer than expected and it's nothing out of the ordinary. As an aside, ZNY is one of the largest ARTCCs in VATUSA so sometimes things take longer on the administrative side. That's just a fact of how many people there are.


Instructor // ZNY/ZWY Facility Coordinator

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