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Cannot transmit on vpilot.

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I have been unable to transmit on vpilot while in FSX, I can if I switch windows. I am running both in administrator mode, running vpilot in compatibility mode (fsx crashes if I run it in compatability mode once I connect to vatsim), and using the PTT key on my controller. I used the .debug command and it doesn't seem to register the keypress when I'm in FSX, but does if vpilot is the active window. I'm sure there is something out there about this but I've spent two days reading through old threads about the issue with no luck.

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Shots in the dark here... hopefully someone with more knowledge than I will respond.


1) Is the controller button bound to anything in FSX?

2) Are you using a registered version of FSUIPC and using that button for anything in there?

3) In Windows, open up Game Controllers under the control panel, and go to properties for your controller. Does the button "light up" in the control panel while pressing it in FSX? Does it do so while vpilot has the focus?

Steven Perry

VATSIM Supervisor

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