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Job Application Open - Regional Director VATSIM Oceania

Anastasios Petros Stefopou

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Anastasios Petros Stefopou

Dear all,

there is a Job opening of Regional Director Oceania position. Any member that is interested for this demanding key role is kindly requested to read carefully the following description- requirements.

Thank you for your attention.

For the copy, Anastasios Stefopoulos (VATASIA1)




Regional Director VATSIM OCEANIA


Applications are now open for the position of Regional Director VATSIM Oceania.


Within the VATSIM Oceania Region there are two divisions, Australia-Pacific and New Zealand. Overall VATSIM Oceania Region (VATOCE) administers a large geographical area in the South Pacific which includes Australia, New Zealand and all the island nations in the South Pacific, including many parts of Antarctica. The Region Director manages and overseas each of these divisions and acts as the link between the Divisions and the VATSIM Board of Governors.


The duties below are intended for further delegation in part but ultimate responsibility lies with the Region Director as defined under Article III of the Code Regulations of VATSIM. A Region Director is expected to be able to commit to at least 3 years and should take this into consideration before applying. The Regional Director is a full voting member of the Executive Committee


Responsible to: The VATSIM Board of Governors

Responsible for: Regional Management Team, Divisional Management Teams and overall Leadership within the VATSIM Oceania Region



As defined under Article III of the Code of Regulations of VATSIM

• Review, monitor, develop and implement changes to the overall VATSIM system with a particular focus on the Oceania Region to achieve optimum efficiency and interest.

• Interact with the Members of the Board of Governors, Executive Committee, and/or Division Directors as needed to accomplish these tasks

• Ensure that an online presence of ATC is not only maintained across the Region which encourages maximum coverage, but above all look for growth opportunities and increases in on line presence.

• Monitors underlying Divisions are maintaining an environment where pilots enjoy flying and ATCs enjoy controlling.

• Evaluates ATC progression with the relevant Divisional Training/Membership Director(s), ensuring that upgrade recommendations are acted upon promptly and that any unnecessary local bureaucracy or barriers are removed.

• Presents, publishes, and discusses the Quarterly Division Reports to the VATSIM Executive Committee

• Must attend all quarterly EC meetings (and meet regularly with division staff)

• General oversight across the region as to provision of adequate web services, to include items such as aeronautical charts, sector files, contact details, training information

• Oversees the efficiency of the joining and progression processes including (but not limited to) introduction and possible enhancement of welcome email systems and evaluation website usability

• Pursue matters raised within the Region in relation to membership issues such as training delays, member exclusion and new/returning member induction

• Manages and oversees the Strategic growth of the region, working with partners within the region and in neighbouring areas

• Support and facilitate further development of Pilot Training Scheme across the region

• Directs the Regional staff team to ensure that departmental activities supports regional projects including the Pacific Oceanic Partnership

• Commit to the requirement to maintain an online presence of no less than one hour per week and eight hours per month logged in under the call sign that indicates that he or she is the Regional Director.

• Other tasks as required by the BoG


Person Specification

The successful candidate will have significant experience on the VATSIM network, extensive familiarity with network policies and procedures in the Oceania region and strong management and communication skills. While not required, previous service in staff positions will be favourably considered

• Must show awareness of Air Traffic Control operations, and hold at least a C1 rating. A knowledge of Oceanic operations will be advantageous but not essential

• Must show awareness of Pilot operations, ideal candidate will hold at least a P1 rating

• Must be a member in good standing with the network

• Expected to be able to commit at least 8 hours per week to this role

• Ability to communicate clearly through different mediums to different people of different cultures, backgrounds and countries.

• Fluent in spoken and written English language.


Please read all of the above and apply yourself to the duties outlined, including but not limited to, any ideas for growth and opportunities in the region that you might have, any thoughts on improving VA relations, Pilot Training, ATC Training Delays, Time commitments etc. Applications which do not follow these requirements will be discarded.


Applications with CV (including relevant history and relevant experience) as well as a cover letter addressing the above specifications to:

Jackson Harding (VP Regions) at


[email protected]


by Friday 2 February 2018 at 2359Z

Vice President | Asia Pacific Region
image.png.0fbc2efe758d66615ca0218192f10b82.png [email protected]

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