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Fly Monarch Virtual is Now Recruiting!!!!


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Calling all VATSIM Pilots!


Fly Monarch Virtual is now recruiting pilots! When the real-world Monarch Airlines collapsed in October 2017, we had a vision. That vision was to continue the legacy of one of the United Kingdom's most successful airlines. Our primary goals are to simulate the real-world Monarch Airlines, but to also continue its legacy by establishing a continuing storyline of success. By becoming a pilot with Fly Monarch Virtual, here is what you can expect.


1. A Community Atmosphere

We're social here at Fly Monarch Virtual. We care about our pilot base. This is why we have a TeamSpeak server. This is the home base for our airline operations, as well as a place for anyone to come in and converse with fellow pilots and staff. This is also why we interact with our pilots not just through email, but regular community meetings in which any pilot or prospective pilot can get to know even more about our airline, as well as provide their own feedback and suggestions. Our next community meeting is Thursday, February 1, at 19:00 GMT. Feel free to join us on TeamSpeak at ts.flymonarchvirtual.co.uk


2. A Professional and Organized Staff Team

As staff members, we are here to ensure that a safe, fun, and enjoyable community remains the norm. And since our inception, that has always been the case. Our staff members are quick to respond to any issues that may arise, and will always swiftly address pilot feedback.


3. Events

Our first event, entitled "Monarch Forever" attracted over 40 pilots. We hope to do that again through events conducted on a regular basis. From dispatch services to top-notch event organization, we can [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ure you that events take place with the highest level of professionalism and quality.


You can expect all of the above and even more by becoming a Monarch pilot! Sign Up TODAY at http://www.flymonarchvirtual.co.uk! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at [email protected].




Jarid Masiel

Director of Membership

Fly Monarch Virtual


[email protected]

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