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vPilot Model Matching Carenado and Alabeo Issue w Maddog

Harold Henderson 926693

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Here is the result of a week long quest to resolve a problem using vPilot (2.1.7) and Leonardo's Maddog (64 bit v1.0.4) in P3Dv4.1. Below is my post in the Maddog support forum describing the issue and the workaround. http://www.flythemaddog.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=9599&st=0&gopid=51974entry51974


"I think I have the workaround nailed down. NOTE: this has only been tested in P3Dv4.1 using the 64 bit Maddog.


Summary of the issue: Flying the Maddog online using the application vPilot to connect to VATSIM, whenever another online aircraft came into viewing range and vPilot mapped the aircraft to a Carenado or Alabeo model, the Maddog fuel shutoff levers would move to OFF shutting down the engines. So far, it is only Carenado and Alabeo model matching that causes the shutdown.


Affected users: Anyone flying the Maddog (v1.0.4) online, using the vPilot (v2.1.7) application to connect, and having Carenado or Alabeo a/c installed in the simulator.


Workaround: 1) In vPilot Settings for Model Matching, be sure you do not have a Carenado or Alabeo a/c as the Default Model. 2) Under Model Matching select Advanced and expand the SimObjects\Airplanes. Clear the check mark from all Carenado and Alabeo a/c you see. Hit the Apply button. Close vPilot and restart. If you install new or change (add/remove) a/c and possibly liveries in your sim, vPilot will rescan all the a/c and put the check marks back that you had previously removed from the Carenado and Alabeo a/c. You'll need to repeat step 2.



There may be better ways to implement this and people more knowledgeable are welcome to contribute. If you get an uncommanded shutdown of both engines AND both Fuel Shutoff levers are in the OFF position. hit pause and go to an outside view and see what a/c are visible. Take screenshots of the labels and report back here. It's possible there could be more than just Carenado and Alabeo involved. I tested the Aerosoft CRJ and PMDG 737 and they model match without causing a shutdown.



Now for a little online flying without fear! "


It is unclear as to the root cause of the problem and spans several developers - Leonardo, vPilot, Carenado/Alabeo, and Lockheed Martin. Maddog support is willing to engage the developers on this issue.

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This sounds very similar to the issue reported in this topic:



A quote from that thread:


Those threads in the joinfs forum suggest that it has to do with the copy protection in the Carenado aircraft. My guess is that when the aircraft is loaded as an AI model and not as the actual plane that you're flying, then the copy protection code doesn't work right, and thus the model cuts your engines, thinking you have a pirated copy of the software.

Tomas Hansson

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