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ACSim not finding elevation.txt file

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Hey guys, I have recently started using ACSIM and I have found out that when I load up the program and select a sector file I get an error message that states "Unable to load elevation.txt" This happens with pretty much every sector file I have. I am thinking that i may need to reinstall the program, but I would need somoene to e-mail it to me to do so zac.armstrong at zhuartcc.com THANKS!

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The elevation file is a text file that should have been installed when you installed ACSIM. Check your ACSIM folder (the actual program folder) to see if you have it or not. If you don't send me a PM, I can email it to you.


The only problems I've ever had with it is aircraft don't disappear like they are supposed to when landing, they just fly level right over the ground until they are deleted.

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