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[San Juan CERAP] Position Opening: Events Coordinator

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San Juan CERAP is now accepting applications for the Events Coordinator Position. The Events Coordinator will be in charge of creating and maintaining the Events program of the facility. This individual will be the liaison to other facilities and organizations of the network. The EC will be expected to maintain an online presence on the SJU TeamSpeak and the VATSIM Network. The EC will report to the ATM. The duties are not limited to those described above or below. The EC will be [Mod - Happy Thoughts]igned additional duties time to time.


Events Coordinator Requirements:


● Minimum of Senior Student (S3) Rating, experienced S2 will be considered

● Minimum 6 months of active experience on the VATSIM Network

● Previous staff experience preferred

● EC position requires a sometime significant time commitment each month

● Candidates with graphic design and/or web coding experience are favorable




● Reports to the ATM.

● Works with the ATM to develop the Events Program.

● Works with, and coordinates with the ATM, DATM, TA, and FE on event

concepts and execution.

● Implements and works with the ATM to oversee approved events.

● Coordination of ARTCC-Sponsored Events with adjacent air traffic facilities to

arrange support for events.

● Liaison to neighboring ARTCCs’ and VATSIM Event Staff.


If you are interested in applying, please send a letter of intent to [email protected] and/or [email protected]

Ernesto Martinez

Membership Manager - Europe/ME/Africa
VATSIM Supervisor
  [email protected]
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