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Quarterly VATUSA Staff Meeting Agenda

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1. Opening Remarks and ATM Roles


2. VATUSA Web Site


3. VATUSA ATC Academy


4. A way to know when ATC will be online and/or how long they will be online for flight planning purposes.


5. Discharging an ARTCC member for poor performance and/or negative attitudes


6. VATSIM Iron Mic Returns


7. Squawk Code Allocation




9. VATUSA Magazine "The Vector"

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Kyle Ramsey



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Discharging ARTCC member due to a negative attitude?


I wonder what the criteria will be for someone's negative attitude? Or is it just a way to get rid of people that do not agree with the proposals that are coming from leadership, because they are not cheerleaders, etc?


I can't wait to see the minutes from this meeting.


Thanks for doing good work Kyle.


Part of the Acey 80



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