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Demo environment OK?

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I'm currently working on securing my app behind the VATSIM SSO. However I'm running into some issues which cause me to think that the demo environment currently isn't working as expected.


The supplied client (http://sso.hardern.net/client) stumbles on the get go, when running the source locally it comes to the same result (after updating the config ofcourse).

In my target implementation (Java) I observe the demo environment to redirect my request instead of the expected response.


Sending request POST http://sso.hardern.net/server/api/login/token/json 

Received response 302 for http://sso.hardern.net/server/api/login/token/json
Location: http://sso.hardern.net/server/auth/login/

Received response 200 for http://sso.hardern.net/server/auth/login/ in 111ms
Body: DB1001B


Is anyone able to validate the demo environment?


Kind regards,



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