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Potentially useful projects/scripts

Kieran Samuel Cross

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Kieran Samuel Cross

I thought it might be useful for me to post some of my projects onto the forums. Maybe people could adapt them to their own needs, or could decide to learn from them and make their own versions. If anyone else has anything potentially useful, feel free to post below, and maybe we can create a small catalogue of VATSIM related projects.



I wrote this object-orientated cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] in PHP, for VATSIM SSO. This cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] system works as a method of easily providing authentication to a project, with the use of VATSIM SSO. You could choose to incorporate this into a database system, if you chose to store more information about the user, or you could simply use it as a means of preventing non-VATSIM members from accessing your site.




VATSIM Data Handler

Again, another object-orientated cl[Mod - Happy Thoughts] system written in PHP. This will allow you to easily interpret the VATSIM Status system, and will ensure that you stay within-regulation in regards to the 2-minute and random server rules. It'll also allow you to cache the data, so that page-loading speeds isn't affected.




VATSIM Statistics

This little bit of code works alongside the VATSIM Data Handler in order to pull data regarding logged-in members of the network. It saves the ATC logon time, and when they are removed from the VATSIM Status system, will store that time as the logoff time. Useful for vACC websites, where you might want to keep track of how well your ATC are doing. It works quite accurately, and so far I've not been able to find any major difference from it to the VATSIM Statistics centre.




Just bear in mind, that the fetch.php script wants to be run in a cron, every minute.


VATEUD Data Handler

Similar to the VATSIM Data Handler, this was designed to simply work with the VATEUD API. I know they're not really the most reliable of APIs, and needed a way of caching the output, so any downtime wouldn't be affected on our vACC website.



Kind Regards,

Kieran Cross,



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