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Is there a way to specify (either in the airport file or via the aircraft commands) a direction to taxi on a taxiway in TWRTrainer? For example, at KJFK, A is (generally) used for clockwise taxiing while B is for counter-clockwise taxiing. However, when giving taxi instructions, I didn't find a way to get the aircraft to go in a particular direction.

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Not entirely sure if it would help, but have you tried incorporating HS commands? If defined consecutively I would imagine it would taxi 1 hs point to the next. Pure speculation though as I have never used it in such a manner.


(Realized that was clear as mud, lets try that again)

Have you tried issuing the taxi route with HS instructions defining a "path"? For example "taxi d a q pa 13R hs b hs g hs kf"


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