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Inverted Keypad Numbers?

Erik Quinn

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Pretty blind shot in the dark, but here it goes:


As we all know, real-world ERAM keyboards have the numbers arranged phone-style, with 1-2-3 on the top instead of 7-8-9. Of course, switching back and forth between ERAM-style and normal numpads is something I've slowly gotten used to over time, but vERAM is such a convincing replica of real ERAM that my brain is constantly trying to enter numbers using the ERAM keyboard number layout.


It only recently occurred to me I might be able to do something about this... I have a fancy SteelSeries keyboard which I quickly set up the numbers to type inverted from how they are physically labeled, and everything was hunky dory. Here's the catch: this obviously messes with moving data blocks around, since the up-left position is accessed by typing a "7". When I strike the 7 key, it types a "1" (as desired), which results in the data block being moved down-left instead.


I would ask for a numpad-reversal-toggle-setting as a feature request, but the reality is I'm probably one of only a handful of people who would even be remotely interested... So instead, all I'm looking for here is confirmation that there isn't some constants file somewhere I could just edit the mappings of the number characters and their corresponding positions, such that a "1" character would result in top-left FDB alignment instead of bottom left. I didn't find anything like that, so I [Mod - Happy Thoughts]ume it must be hard-coded, making the answer to my question no, but figured I ought to give it a shot asking anyway.


Props on this vERAM too btw, good lord... Very incredible stuff.


Appreciate the help.



Training Administrator, vZMA ARTCC

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As I was developing vSTARS, I was working with a custom keyboard that had the phone style layout for the numeric keypad. Therefore, I added an undocomeented setting in the configuration file to invert the numbers used for setting the leader line direction. This setting made its way into vERAM as well.


In the same folder as the vERAM.exe file, you'll find your config file which is called vERAMConfig.xml ... towards the end of the file, you'll see an XML element like this:




Change "false" to "true" and you should be good to go. Obviously, make this change while vERAM is NOT running.

Developer: vPilot, VRC, vSTARS, vERAM, VAT-Spy

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Gah, so it was hiding in there! The combination of making that change and remapping the keyboard does the trick perfectly.


Thank you so very much!



And here I thought I was the only masochist who wanted this. I’ve had my keyboards flipped for 2 years to match the ones at work

Dhruv Kalra

VATUSA ZMP ATM | Instructor | VATSIM Network Supervisor


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