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Regional Meeting (Regular Meeting - Q2, 2018) - AGENDA

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Q2 2018 Regional meeting will take place on Saturday 0900z 4th August 2018



I. Welcome and Apologies


II. Regional Minutes Q1 Read and Adopted


III. Membership Report

Membership Report VATOCE3


IV. VATPAC Divisional Report

Divisional Report VATPAC1


V. VATNZ Divisional Report

Divisional Report VATNZ1



(a) VATOCE3 Membership Position (VATOCE1)

(b) Pacific Islands (VATOCE1)

© New Supervisor (VATOCE2)

(d) ATO Future (VATOCE1)

(e) Vatsim CoC

Alan Cooke

Last ever EC Chairman          


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