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IP Address approval

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Hey there,


Who is responsible for approving IP addresses for SSO these days?


I've got a request pending approval for a new IP related to a server migration we're in the middle of, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere.


Previously Kieran signed these off: has this role now been delegated to someone else?




Nick Johnston

IT Director, VATNZ - VATSIM New Zealand
Cross the Ditch Guy, Cross the Ditch

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Hi Aidan,


Last Thursday, May 16 2019, I requested the approval of our IP to implement the SSO on our website. In the status it still appears as disabled. There is something else that has to be done?


Our website is vatmex.net and we use Wordpress with its respective module for authentication.


My name: Rodolfo Sánchez

Position: Marketing and Webmaster at VATMEX

CID: 1301687

Email: [email protected] // [email protected] // [email protected]


Site: vatmex.net


Thank you.

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I dealt with your request 2 days ago. Please read the message that was left before submitting any more requests


Uhh, I don't find any message (both in email and CERT page). Can you resend again that message?


Sorry for the extra work .


Edit: I found the email and I already read the message. Currently I'm using Cloudflare service to serve my traffic, so it will not be my server IP address since I'm using Cloudflare.

Where can I email to give the proof?

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