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HI Alt Enroute between Japan and Hawaii

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Hiyas. Does anyone have online or have a link to enroute charts between Japan and Hawaii? FS9 and Routefinder flightplans dive way down south and add way too much distance and time to the trip. I'd like to see whats out there and plan my own routes... because I'm too cheap to buy flightplanning software.

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Hi James:


If you want to look at real charts for that area (and, in fact, every area in the world except for the United States), try here:


This will take you to the NIMA/DOD website (relax...its open to the public). Scroll down to the bottom and under select , You'll be taken to a page which has a number of pdf's of the charts for the area. Select PAA 1 8 JUN 2006.pdf (this covers your area of interest). A word of warning...these pdfs are HUGE and take a while longer than you might be accustomed to load but they are the real deal (plus they are current).


Also...in the left frame of the first page, you can click on and you should be able to find most of the arrival charts for Japan.


I hope this helps.

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George S. Marinakis

VATSIM6, co-Founder, VATSIM


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